Studio City Fence Cost & Pricing

Studio City CA fence contractor

How much does a fence cost to build in Studio City?

At Brown & Brown Fence, we use 3 factors to calculate the price to build a new fence in Studio City, CA:

  1. Fence material costs
  2. Fence labor costs
  3. Job site preparation costs

Read below to help you understand each fence pricing factor in more detail.

Fence Material Costs

To determine fence material costs, we start by measuring the job and determining the materials necessary to complete that fence job in Studio City.

Homeowners often think this is calculated on a “cost-per-foot” basis only. Unfortunately this is rarely the case because “cost-per-foot only” doesn’t take into consideration that each person’s yard is different in Studio City.

For example, let’s look at a 50 foot wood fence in its simplest form: 8 posts, 16 two-by-fours, and 110 one-by-six boards.

When we inspect where to install the fence, we find unique yard obstructions that require an additional 2 posts, extra two-by-fours, more concrete, and other bits and pieces that go with it. So the materials for that 50 foot fence in your yard will cost more than your neighbor’s 50 foot fence.

When we determine the price of the material by calculating every piece of wood, every bag of cement, nails, screws, and other items needed to complete the fence job.

We do not charge our customers anything above our cost for all fence materials.

Fence Labor Costs

The second consideration to pricing the installation of a Studio City fence is the labor.

To determine the labor cost of building a fence in Studio City, we pay close attention to the yard’s present conditions that can influence the time it take to complete the fence job based on number of hours.

For instance, if your home in Studio City has a very hard and rocky ground, it may take a lot longer to dig the holes to set the posts then in another area that has soft dirt and is much easier to dig.

In addition, it may take more time to complete a fence job if the final location of the fence is a long-distance from the point where we can park our truck and unload the materials.

Just recently in Studio City, we completed a job that required a higher labor costs because our crew had to carry all the fence materials up and over a steep hillside with lots of trees that our truck could not maneuver around.

Finally, fence labor costs can increase if we have to dig slower than normal to avoid cutting tree roots, shrubbery, gas lines, water lines, and sprinkler system pipes.

Job Site Preparation Costs

The third and last factor to pricing a fence installation in Studio City is calculating job site preparation costs.

A lot goes into properly clearing or prepping the area for the new fence to be built.

When we build a new replacement fence in Studio City, we will remove the old fence or remove any existing concrete block walls (but not necessarily the concrete footing in the ground).

However, if we encounter situations that require a more than average amount of vegetation to be cleared before we can build the fence, we will advise you hire a licensed company that specializes in vegetation removal or tree cutting in Studio City.

It’s important you understand that fence builders are highly skilled workers who are paid for their expertise. Companies that remove vegetation use different set of tools than fence builders, and generally rely on unskilled workers paid cheaper wages.

Examples of Average Fence Costs

We are often asked from homeowners contacting us by phone or email to provide them average fence costs for a particular fence type in Studio City before scheduling a free, in-house appointment.

Without physically inspecting the desired fence location up close and personal, we have decided to provide some examples below to act as a “guide” or “fence estimator” when you are budgeting to build a fence in your Studio City back yard or front yard.

All fence types can be stylized in many ways that can push the cost up with no limits. Old fence removal is generally $4 to $6 per foot, including the city’s dump fees.

Location, terrain, grade, obstructions, layout, etc are not factored into price per foot costs below and will be determined during estimator’s visit with customer.

  • Traditional Butted Dog Ear Redwood Fencing starts around $51.00 per foot.
  • Standard White Privacy Vinyl Fencing starts around $53.00 per foot.
  • Standard Residential Galvanized Chain Link Fencing starts around $32.00 per foot.
  • Standard Residential Black Iron Fencing starts around $51.00 per foot
  • Trex Composite fencing starts around $120.00 per foot
  • Horizontal Hardwood / B-grade Redwood fencing starts around $105.00 per foot.
  • 42″ high Cable-rail Handrail style fencing starts around $100.00 per foot.

We hope you will choose us to provide a free, in-house Studio City fence estimate by scheduling an appointment today.